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How to Choose a Heating & Air Contractor for Your Home or Business

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How to Choose a Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor for Your Home in Dayton Ohio

By following the guidelines in this article for choosing a heating & air conditioning contractor for your home, it will save you time, frustration, and money.

How to Hire the Right HVAC Contractor in Dayton Ohio - From Bach Heating & AirAs one of Dayton, Ohio’s top heating and air contractors and home comfort specialists, Bach Heating and Air LLC has put together  a sure-fire way to help you choose a HVAC contractor for whatever your project may entail.

Whether you are considering replacing your old air conditioning system or HVAC system, need AC repair or building a new home, making sure that you have the most efficient and up to date heating and air conditioning system for your home is vital for energy efficiency and saving you the most money in the long run.

Yes it’s true that, you can not see or touch home comfort, but everyone knows what it feels like if when it’s not there.

However, to achieve the best results for you and your families home comfort needs, you must make sure that you choose the right heating & air conditioning contractor for your home.

The following are the best time-tested tips and recommendations that will result in the best heating and cooling contractor for your needs.

Missing even one of these steps listed below could result in years of problems and inconvenience, not to mention what could turn out to be, very expensive maintenance.

1. Check their credentials:

To make sure that you are dealing with a reputable Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor, make sure that you check for a company history of any complaints and resolutions if there are any, by calling and checking with the Better Business Bureau.

2. Make sure to ask for references:

One of the best ways is to speak with individuals who just had work finished, these can be an excellent source of information.  As well as asking co-workers, neighbors, relatives or close friends, who are often willing to share their experiences.

If the company you are considering cannot provide you with a list of recent references from satisfied customers,  then it is probably best to cross them off your list and keep looking.
3. Check local licenses:

Make sure the HVAC contractor’s license is current, and ask to see any applicable state and local licenses, bonding, and insurance coverage.

4. Make sure you get a detailed written proposal:

Providing a detailed and written proposal is one of the best signs of a quality HVAC contractor and you should beware of any HVAC contractors that do not back-up their offer with a detailed written proposal and all the details in writing.

Some of the main points to consider and ask about before the work begins are:

* What will be your start and completion dates

* The maximum number of days your home could be without heating or cooling

* The specific costs for all known equipment, labor and supplies needed for the job

* The costs involved for any possible variables, contingencies, or unforeseen upgrades that could arise while replacing any equipment, if possible

* Their change order policy, and make sure any changes are also in writing

* If there will be any interim draws needed and the requirements for final payment due after the work is complete     
* Proof of any insurance documents as listed above
5. Heat loss-heat gain calculation:

The very best heating and air conditioning contractors will measure your home, take note of the direction your property faces, how many windows and doors in your house, your existing insulating material and additionally, the number of occupants of the home. By determining these facts they should be able to determine the exact load calculations needed to correctly size the system to you needs.

You should expect a thorough calculation performed with an on-site evaluation, any company who uses just the “rule of thumb” method to analyze your needs is taking short cuts and you should probably choose a different contractor.
6.  Warranties and guarantees for equipment and labor:

Make sure that you ask questions about their warranties and guarantees and demand that they are included in the written estimate. Warranties and guarantees can vary manufacturer to manufacturer, and dealer to dealer.

Particular attention should be given to the warranty periods, and the manufacturer’s parts and labor warranty on the compressors, condensers,evaporator coils, furnace heat exchangers, fans and any additional warranties that the contractor or dealer may provide.
7.  Make sure that they follow contract law:

You should make sure that your chosen HVAC contractor follows contract law.  Most standard home improvement contracts include a 3-day right to cancel.

8.  Be sure to Ask your contractor about the maintenance requirements of your new system:

Because of the rapid advances in the heating and air conditioning industry, technician updates on equipment are essential.  

This can play a big role in the caliber of technician servicing your home or business and will determine how well your system works, and your overall experience.

Ask your technician what you can do yourself to help maintain your system or inquire about their maintenance services. One of the best ways to ensure your system’s performance, reliability and safety is a maintenance agreement for your system.

9.Know and understand the contract:

Ask lots of questions and beware of ambiguous contracts. Try and understand all the aspects of the agreement before any work begins.

Make sure that you read the agreement front and back before signing it.

10.Get more than one estimate or reference:

Get the number of bids that will allow you to feel confident in moving forward with your decision. This is a substantial purchase and it is worth you time and effort to get a least 3 estimates. It is wise to accept the bid that offers you the best value of product & service, and not necessarily the lowest price.

The more information you have the easier it will be to compare “apples to apples” and make the right decision.

11. Easy to reach by telephone:

Make sure that the heating and air conditioning contractor that you choose is easy to reach by telephone. They should have a reliable system for reaching them after regular office hours, on weekends and holidays and offer 24 hour emergency service so that when you do have a emergency heating or cooling problem, you can call upon a company that you are already familiar with.
12.  Comfortable to you:

The HVAC contractor that you choose to install, maintain and repair your heating and air conditioning system is likely to be with you for many years, so it important to pick one that has the kind of employees, technicians and customer support and service that you will feel comfortable dealing with and having in your home.

The Possible Consequences of Choosing the Wrong Contractor:

By selecting a qualified heating and cooling contractor, many of the following HVAC problems can be avoided.
* Frequent breakdowns of your system
* Avoiding improper installation
* Inefficient or unsafe operation
* A shortened life of your equipment
* Not providing you with timely service
* Unusually high and unexpected energy bills
* The possibility of the voiding of factory warranties
* Property damage, theft or worse

Bach Heating and Air Conditioning contractors in Dayton,Ohio area is one of  Dayton,Ohio’s  largest and most trusted home comfort specialists, and we encourage our customers to do their home work. There are no shortcuts when it comes to selecting the right HVAC contractor and we are confident that, in the end, we can earn your business and help you avoid the perils of selecting the wrong contractor, if given the opportunity.